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Measurable Data Strategies

Analytics and Response Marketing is a company’s ability to measure their marketing campaigns and increase their website’s traffic. There are many companies that don’t consider or measure their return on investment when considering the marketing they have in place. Everett Logan Marketing Systems will meet and consult with you or your entire team about how to implement this into your marketing campaigns. We will go over several different strategies to help you measure your search engine analytic’s and what return you’re getting.  We will analyze your website traffic report and we will adjust the Google analytic’s campaigns as needed. We are Phoenix’s marketing analytics experts and when we initiate and optimize the campaign your company chooses, you will wonder how your company went so long without it. We allm want those website hits but they have to be measured. If you’re not using this method you might as well take your marketing dollars and mix them with mud mud and sling it against the wall hoping something sticks? As a business owner we know you understand the importance of being accountable for every dollar spent in your business. With Analytics and Response Marketing you can measure every dollar spent on marketing and have the ability to know what is working and what is not.


What exactly is Response marketing?

This may be hard to believe but most of the best measurable marketing techniques being used do not guide potential prospects or customers to whatever it is your company is selling. The idea, is to have customers and plenty of them right? Some of you have heard of branding. The “New York Experts” of marketing so to speak believe if you use traditional marketing (radio, tv, billboards etc…) that customers will come running to buy your product. Not always true!

Let us help you get your phone ringing and the customers ordering today.

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Reach out to us. Take the first step or we can’t help you. For example: Say you are using billboard and radio ads… where is your proof the campaigns are actually working for you? Do you have any idea how to find out which ad is actually driving customers to your door? This is the importance of online analytic’s.


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