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Choices: What Website Platform Should I Use?

Choices, What Website Platform Should I Choose?


Website development has changed tremendously over the years.  In the past, you pretty much had to hire a coding expert or website designer with knowledge of computer code and graphics etc.  Today there are many platforms to choose from and with a little bit of learning, you can build a website yourself. Most today tend to choose a format that has a CMS built in.  A CMS is a content management system.  This allows you or someone else to go into the website and make updates and content changes as necessary or desired.


Common Platforms




In 2017, WordPress is by far the most popular CMS (content management system) web building platform.  Approximately 44% of the current websites are powered by WordPress.  Users love its user-friendly interface and the large amount of plugins they make readily available to you.  Wordpress is widely known for it’s ease of use especially for those of us with very little to no technical background or front ground. From what I am seeing, WordPress just continues to get better as the years go by.




Web developer experts have said that Joomla is a bit more difficult to use than WordPress. Joomla users are typically seeking or using e-commerce and social networking web sights.  If you’re building a large scale website for example, you would probably be better off using a Joomla platform.  For example, Harvard University uses Joomla as their website platform.




We’ve found that most who use Magento tend to have large scale online businesses or e-commerce businesses as well. Some of its main benefits include advanced SEO features, sales tracking and it also allows 3rd party vendors to increase sales and helps you to maintain those relationships.  It’s also mobile friendly and has very helpful features for the e-merchant and customer online in regards to promotions and digital coupons.




The best way for me to put it is it’s easier to use than Joomla but more difficult than WordPress if that makes sense.  This is another large scale web platform  It’s very similar to WordPress in regards to its ease of use in allowing its users to manage all of its content.  Drupal is considered tops when it comes to website security.  If you’re a business that requires a large amount of security then Drupal is for you.  In this day and age of cyber hacking we should all be concerned about security but to give you one example, the white house website is managed through Drupal.


Weebly & Wix


Both of these platforms offer an editor allowing you to drag and drop so you can build a website very quickly.  They have a lot of different themes and different templates to help you get started.


In conclusion, you have to decide what works best for your particular situation but at least you now have a bit more information to help you make a better decision for your business or personal website.


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