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Everett Logan Marketing Systems cares about its customers. Therefore we do our best to bring the best service to them. If you are thinking of growing your business, then one very effective way of doing that is by implementing a email marketing campaign.

What is an E-mail Marketing Campaign?

A digital marketing business plan in Phoenix must include email marketing. An email marketing campaign is a very innovative way to not only promote your business but a great way to reach your customers. Can you think of a better way to announce a sale you’re having or tell customers whats new in your business? You can keep them up-to-date with the latest things taking place in your business. Speak to an email consultant today.

For example, you could create a monthly email marketing newsletter that you send out to your customers however; the awesome thing about it is it’s done automatically. Your newsletter should be consistent and it should include incentives for your customers to engage their attention and get them buying your product.  Web email marketing is here to stay and we are a full service email marketing company.

Here, you might be thinking, “Why should I hire someone when I can do the same by sending the emails myself”? WELL, that’s a good question.

Picture yourself sending thousands of emails to your customers and preparing regular content for a newsletter? This can be very tricky and especially tedious. But don’t worry because Everett Logan Marketing Systems provides its clients with a wide range of email marketing services and email marketing tools. As in:

  • Setting up a new e-mail marketing campaign to managing it and creating content for your newsletter. This is easy for our experts and saves you the headache.

  • Through an email marketing direct campaign, we provide the client with the option to subscribe/unsubscribe so that only serious and concerned customers will get your emails.

  • We also facilitate your customers with Automation that is used to automatically send thousands of emails per hour, per day, per week or per month without any delay.


Have you wondered who the best email marketing company is? Everett Logan Marketing Systems provides our services at reasonable rates so that people like you can benefit from it. The software we use will help you automate your email campaign. We are experts at creating follow up emails that engage and more importantly grow your business.

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Everett Logan Marketing Systems works diligently for our client’s, therefore we struggle hard to give them our best. Do you want a winning, permission based email marketing campaign? Need help starting an email marketing list? If you’re currently using some form of an email marketing solution, and would like to improve the results you’re achieving with your existing list? We can definitely help you.

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