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Have We Given Up Everything To The Tech Giants

Have We Given Up Everything To The Tech Giants


Google, Amazon and Facebook are the biggest tech companies changing and transforming labor and our entire economy.


It’s hard to believe that just 10-12 short years ago one of the biggest tech companies. Microsoft, was considered one of the big boys, but not so much anymore.  I remember Bill Gates constantly in the news as well as his company and now you barely hear about him in the mainstream anymore.  What we hear about are the big three mentioned above and all the moving and shaking they’re doing.


With the huge grasp that these tech giants have on the market, how will this affect all of us moving forward?  How many of you have heard the term artificial intelligence or AI?  This intelligence is taking over transportation, retail, medicine and soon

the automotive industry.  It’s recently been said that self driving vehicles will eliminate upwards of 300,000 U.S. jobs

over the next 10-20 years.  It’s something to think about because I know that currently, Apple and Google are developing technology

in this area.  Imagine if either of them have just a snippet of the success theat they had with tech, it could change the industry.


How many of you actually believe that this artificial intelligence that’s been created by Facebook, Google, Amazon and other industry

leaders will actually be the cause of huge amounts of unemployment?  One thing I will say is that digital technology has become extremely important to just about everyone on the planet.  Will consumers eventually have a say in how things are designed since we are the ones using this technology?  Last month Amazon made huge headlines when it announced they were buying Whole foods. Amazon has already just about locked up the bookstore business and has been

the reason most of them closed.  Society loves convenience and Amazon has provided that.  The Whole Foods purchase has gotten them 

in the grocery game and successful and convenient delivery of those groceries could mean trouble for thousands of grocery stores across america.

With that being said, I’m still a firm believer that there will always be those who like to physically shop for their food. 

This is just one example of where we seem to be headed.


One more example of what I’m talking about is the overwhelming effect these tech giants have had on the overall revenues in the recording industry

to drop by over $40 billion since 2000.  That’s huge.  

The bigger question is will our government hold these company’s feet to the fire and force them to allow competition in the market place and more

importantly how?  On a final note, our European brothers imposed a 2.7 billion dollar fine in late June on Google but it seems our

U.S. regulators only get involved when they see harm coming to consumer welfare so we will see.


Time will tell where we are headed and if the anti-trust lawsuits will begin to be filed as we move forward.  Clearly,  Facebook, Google and Amazon

are undoubtedly the biggest and with all of the different technologies they are involved in and developing, it’s only a matter of time before our U.S.

government feels a need to get involved.


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