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It wasn’t long ago, we would buy email lists or mailing lists and would pray that those sales leads would come. The idea behind a successful inbound website marketing strategy is summed up this way: Getting customers that gravitate towards your business by the creative quality content you provide about your product or services. By you filling up your quality content with whatever it is your customer is interested in, you naturally attract them and eventually convert them into customers. Your internet web content matters.




In business today, a custom website design is one of the most important component in a company’s marketing strategy. Our company has professional website packages, customized templates and we work to fit them into your budget. We use the latest HTML and CSS standards and offer several different services. We can also build out a customized blog design with RSS integration for your site. Other services we offer are internet content development, social media marketing integration and much more.




Have you discovered what keywords you should use in your inbound website marketing? Part of a digital marketing business plan is a strategic keyword plan. Have you applied that research to your website (onsite) SEO or search engine optimization? You must take those specific keywords and begin to craft your web content around them. The keywords must be in your title tag, meta tags, image tags etc… If this sounds confusing to you let us help you with it. And yes… We will improve your online performance.




This method of optimizing your website can be a bit trickier than ONSITE SEO. One of the ways that Google determines if your web content is good, is the amount of sites that link back to your site. Typically if a lot of sites are linking to yours in some instances it shows Google that your site is authoritative. I say typically because Google is always changing the way the game is played and certain links to your site can actually be BAD for you rankings. Instead of trying to figure all of this out let us help you. We are good at creating inbound marketing plans for our clients. There are numerous ways to create good backlinks such as press releases, guest blogging etc… Let us show you how.


Everett Logan Marketing Systems works hard to provide excellent services to our clients. We are a reliable marketing company. If you want breathtaking inbound website marketing results and want to see your business growing in a short period of time, give us a call today for a FREE 30 minute no obligation consultation. We understand that most business owners are terribly busy so if it’s more convenient, click the Contact tab to schedule an appointment on our calendar. You can also give us a call at our Phoenix office at 1-844-632-0000

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