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Most small businesses wonder, “Why isn’t my business ranking locally in the search engines. What am I doing wrong.” Most don’t understand the reason why their websites are not showing up in the top of Googles search engine results page. When I sit down with a client and start explaining to them what keywords, links, bots and algorithms are they look at me puzzled. Once they understand we are local SEO experts, they know we can be trusted with helping them improve their organic search results.

There are quite a few tricks that a savvy business owner has to know in order to rank in the cities their business isn’t located in. So you’re wondering “How do I rank in those cities?” This is where Everett Logan Marketing Systems comes in. Our experts will take what we know and get your business optimized for local searches. Local searches are very popular today, especially on mobile platforms. Most cell phone users are using their phones over 50% of the time to search online. Please give ample attention when marketing your business, to localized SEO and web SEO.

Also remember, to beat other businesses that are also trying to climb to the top of Googles first page, you’re website must have the right content and send Google the right signals. The content must be great and your users must have an amazing user experience while surfing your site. You also have to optimize your website by using social media tools. You will need great reviews online as well. We live in a day and age where most consumers make major buying decisions based on several good or bad reviews. I know I do, how about you?

Our team will sit down with you and break down what keywords, links and citations are. We will work hard to get you ranking well. All you have to do is leave the heavy lifting to us. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for local SEO in Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. Miami, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, Detroit, St. Louis and more, we can help.

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