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Is The Mobile App Revolution Disappearing?

Is The Mobile App Revolution Disappearing?  You Decide!


When I look at the amount of people using smartphones today, there’s no doubt those same people are using mobile apps on their phone.  Typically, what I’ve found is that most of us have several apps on our devices we rarely even open and then there are those that get used just about every day.  For me, I have about five apps that I use on a regular basis.  What about you? I know some of you have even thought about how do I make an app?


Why I Think (at least for the time being) That Apps Are Here To Stay.


Technology is constantly evolving and as we speak I know there is someone out there creating something that will eventually replace the mobile app design but for the time being I don’t believe it’s going anywhere anytime soon.  Experts have been saying that apps are slowly but surely dying, but are they?

Back in 2011 the banter was that browser based applications similar to Google’s would eventually phase out the app and here we are several years later and they are still being used in record numbers.  The one caveat that I see in regards to mobile applications in Phoenix is the theory that we can only have so many apps stored on our devices and how many of those do we honestly use on a daily basis?


  1. Recent data – has shown that people are still downloading apps in droves. Even though monthly individual downloads have decreased over the last five years, overall downloads are higher than they have ever been. IOS and Google Play global downloads increased by 15% last year or to say it even better, 90 billion. Smartphone usage has already surpassed 2 billion users and it’s expected to continue to grow.  Currently nothing has shown up on the scene that can even remotely replace the mobile app and truth be told, there has to be a current effective method to reach these users.

  2. Engagement – Today’s mobile application technology offers a unique design and value with the end user always in mind. It’s also no secret why most websites and mobile apps are responsive.  As far as engagement, websites can’t hold a candle to a mobile app. Let’s face it, we are all looking for the latest, the greatest, the fastest and most convenient way to do just about everything we do.

  3. Quick and Immediate – I am blown away at the quickness and efficiency that a mobile app can disseminate information to the smart device. Most mobile apps focus on immediacy today.  Everybody wants convenience, quickness, a user-friendly experience and more.  Think about it, phone calls are annoying and typically automated and email can go unchecked for hours and sometimes days. After looking at all the information that’s out there, I just can’t imagine apps vanishing anytime soon.


In summation, the only thing I can say for sure is that mobile apps will continue to evolve of the next five years.  I’m a firm believer that mobile apps still have tremendous value so don’t give up on them anytime soon.


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