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Is Organic Traffic Still Relevant

Well Is It?

Is it still about Google?  Yes, right now when it comes to search engines, Google by far is #1 however; is this changing? Today in our world most businesses diversify themselves across many platforms.  We use Google  Ad words, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and on and on.  I have clients who get the majority of their traffic through Facebook.  What I’ve seen is most of these companies are not living and dying anymore on what their Google ranking is however; should they be?


Is Organic Still Worth All The Effort?


Yes.  Organic is still king.  The only thing better than effective organic traffic are paid ads which can be very costly.  Paid ads work great when it comes to converting someone who is online searching but organic is even greater when it comes to driving traffic to your website.  Organic will cost you effort and not so much in terms of money if done right.  Next, remember your mother said to never put all your eggs in one basket?  You should be asking, “How can I get organic traffic?”


Your Social Fortress


Sites such as Facebook and Twitter can drive lots of traffic to your site and your business.  There are companies who I know personally who get 45-65% of their traffic from Facebook alone.  That’s awesome but here’s the problem with it.  A site that sends you hundreds of thousands of visitors is a dream for any marketing agency but is it?  Here is the issue with this method.  Imagine if all of a sudden Facebook or Twitter says, “Okay no more personal feeds or affiliates to link to.”  Now think about it… you have a platform that’s driving thousands of people then all of a sudden you don’t.  Now I’m not saying this is what’s going to happen but what if it did?  If you’ve neglected the organic search results, now you have very little exposure and traffic to your site.  The platforms I just mentioned like Facebook could make one small change in their algorithms or what they allow and poof, there goes your traffic.  It would be even worse for you if you’ve focused solely on that particular platform. and more… Who wants to be at the mercy of any of these platforms?  I know I don’t and neither should you.  You don’t want to be in a position where if any of these companies make major changes that affect how your content gets seen, your traffic disappears.  It could kill the bulk of your traffic.  How would you replace that traffic?  This is something you need to keep in mind.  You have to be in control of that which you can control.  If you have a good marketing agency who knows what they are doing while focusing on your organic SEO, it can increase your organic traffic greatly. Penguin and Panda penalties usually don’t happen by accident.


Laptop on social media on laptop screen with a cup of coffee

Page Bouncing


Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are all different when it comes to keeping people on your actual pages.  Remember Facebook is geared more towards driving visitors to a specific article or video you have posted.  Twitter for example, will promote loyalty from a customer or customers but rarely does it create a continuous traffic flow or a post traffic flow.  The advantage of organic searches and matching focus keywords or long tail keywords to a users intent will show you in many of the searches, get it?




If you have something you’re selling or if you want people to see and identify with your particular brand, social media platforms are definitely the best way to go.  If you want people to find your business and remember who you are, learn how to generate organic traffic.  Just as you would do in your stock portfolio you must do the same in this area and that’s DIVERSIFY across the different platforms.   Everett Logan Marketing Systems is an agency located in Phoenix AZ.  We are committed to helping all people whether in business or not.  If you need help with SEO or Ad words, we can help.  Reach out to us at 1-844-632-0000 or email us at