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Our agency headquarters is based in sunny Phoenix, Arizona although we provide marketing services to business all over the globe.

Everett Logan Marketing Systems provides unique marketing strategies to our clients which we know will result in continued growth of their business revenues and customer base.

Competition is fierce in business. At Everett Logan Marketing System’s, we understand your challenges. We also understand that primarily you are in business to make money. There are many businesses that call us who have a lot of ideas about what they think good marketing is. We’ve even found that some of these companies spend an obscene amount of money on their marketing and have little to no ROI (Return On Investments).


Our company is dedicated to measurable and accountable marketing, not branding. Here’s why; most businesses believe branding is the very backbone of marketing and we get that! At Everett Logan Marketing System’s, we refuse to let you spend your marketing dollars on methods that will NOT work. Sadly we have had clients who we have had to refuse to work with, not because we didn’t want to but because they honestly refused to listen and were rigid on changing their marketing mindset. They couldn’t realize how their refusal to change the way they were currently marketing their business was negatively affecting their bottom line. We understand your business is your baby and we respect that but we also know what works in today’s market. We know our methods work and our marketing reputation is important to us and at the core of what we are all about. What is your current marketing company doing for you? Our agency is committed to re-evaluating what type of marketing is working for your business and what is not.

Some of our services include: Social media marketing, search engine marketing, marketing consultants, website content writers, email campaign consultants, google analytics consultants, mobile marketing and mobile PPC experts, web design and website repair company.


Our agency has as our main goal, to get you in front of buyers and KEEP you there.

Please beware. Many marketing companies will give you advice on branding, direct mail and many other methods that don’t work well but few have the track record we do. We employ an amazing team of SEO Experts, Website Developers, Social Media Experts, Writers and Graphic Designers just to name a few. With a combined experience of over 35 years in their fields, our team is by far the best!

Come join us and let us turn your company into the successful business YOU dreamed it would be!



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