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When they are not using platforms and offers, the majority of business owners DO NOT follow up or market to their PROSPECTIVE buyers! If this is YOU then you are working against your business and losing potential sales.


A To Z Buyers


Most businesses focus their attention on marketing to Z scale buyers. We call them Z scale buyers because they’re at the end of the buying process. They’re ready to buy now.

Z scale buyers will increase your revenue however; you’re losing a huge amount of sales if you don’t market to the A to Y scale buyers. They also have an interest in what you’re offering, but they’re still shopping and haven’t decided to buy yet.  Lets make it easy? Why not market to all of your prospects? Remember the A scale buyer may some day become a Z buyer but only if you keep in touch with them.


Increasing Sales With Offers


Step two of Four Step Marketing involves figuring out the correct platforms where you’ll deliver special free offers to your A to Z scale buyers. This is how it works — your prospects will exchange their contact information for your free offer. Who doesn’t like getting something free right?  How about having customers who know you as the free offer site?


Once you have their information, you can follow up with them and market to them throughout the entire buying process. You’ll take them from prospect to customer and then from customer to repeat customer for life.

Don’t panic! A free offer doesn’t have to be expensive to produce. It just needs to provide value to those A to Z prospects. If they find it valuable they will opt in.


Some examples might be a CD, DVD, coupon, report, podcast, or anything else valuable to your prospects.

For example: You might promote a free 24 hour recorded message in a classified ad, offer them a free coupon in a direct mail letter, offer a free e-book from your website or a free podcast on iTunes. The options are limitless.


Maximizing Your ROI (return on investment)


Step two also involves split testing. This will tell us the specific platforms and offers that are performing the best. What this testing does is it gives us the power to increase your conversion rates for an outstanding return on investment.


Drip Marketing


Once we’ve developed your specific offers, implemented split testing and defined the best platforms for reaching your target audience, we create what’s called a follow up drip marketing campaign. This is how it works. We follow up with your A to Z prospects with marketing that grabs their attention and educates them. We then take them through the entire buying process and convert them from prospects into your customers.

Please understand, you never want to be finished with your prospects once they buy from you. With drip marketing we simply move them to a new campaign that converts them into raving fans of your business and most importantly, repeat customers for life.


Are You Ready To Get Started?


Remember, back in step one of the Four Step Marketing plan you will develop the right message so your prospects choose YOU over your competition regardless of price. Step two is where you will create offers to attract A to Z prospects to your database. You continue marketing to them with the drip marketing campaign that eventually converts them into buyers and repeat customers for life.


If you’ve already read this far you now understand by step two that you’ve already accomplished a lot and are halfway through learning about the Four Step Marketing method. If you’d like more in depth information, fill out the contact form and receive our FREE Ebook.


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