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Protect Your Website From Hackers In 2017

Protect Your Website From Hackers In 2017

Most of us website owners believe our little website is not worth hacking into.  Guess again.  To help you understand the serious nature of this let me give you a little background. The majority of hackers are not trying to steal your data information or just mess up your website.  What they are doing is attempting to access your server to either use it as a spam email relay or setup a temporary web server.  Regardless of why they are doing it, there is usually an illegal reason behind the why. Typically, these hacks are performed by automated scripts that are written to scour the entire internet to exploit any website security issues in any of the different software programs.


Business owners need to protect their digital marketing strategies by securing their websites. Why spend all your time working on effective search engine optimization or local search engine optimization in Phoenix or around the globe if it can be easily hacked into.


There are some things you can do to keep your site safe.


  • Software should be up to date


This covers any software on your site and the server.  IF you use a CMS make sure to include this also.  Most of us use a managed hosting service so they will typically secure their server site.  Most vendors such as WordPress, Umbraco and more will notify you of any updates when logging in.


  • SQL attacks


These attacks are commonly caused when a hacker uses a web form that you have on your site to access and manipulate your database.  Be sure to use parameterized queries and remember its fairly easy to implement.


  • XSS Cross-site scripting


This hack attack will inject malicious JavaScript onto your pages.  The sad thing about this breach is that a hacker might submit comments that contains this particular JavaScript or script tags which could run into every browser of everyone who has viewed your comments.  Make sure it’s not possible to inject active Java content onto any of your pages.


  • Errors in your messages


Yes, you have to be careful about giving away too much information in an error message.  Never give away or allow full exceptions details either because this will make a SQL hack much easier.


  • Form Validation


Any validations should always be performed on the browser or server side as it’s called.  Browsers can catch failures and make the user fill the mandatory fields before proceeding further.  Remember that these can sometimes be bypassed.


  • Passwords


Long complex passwords are king.  Don’t be lazy and creates something easy so you can remember it.  Use a password software instead if need be but don’t slack in this area.  Also consider changing your passwords at a minimum of every three months.  Very popular today are brute force attacks where the hacker continuously guesses until it finds a match.  Remember to use symbols and mix in upper and lower case as well.


  • File uploading


If you have a site that allows for loading of files you must be very careful.  Treat everything with a suspicious mind as some files can be easily faked.  I would recommend not allowing people to upload anything to your site.  If you still choose not to heed my advice then be sure to have a firewall installed.  Also, only allow access to port 80 or port 443 from any outsiders and if you are allowing files to be uploaded from the internet be sure to use only secure methods.


  • HTTPS and Web Security tools


HTTP lets the web user know that they are talking with the expected server they were looking for and that the site is secure.  If you want something to be private make sure you are using HTTPS to deliver it.  Insecure HTTP is on its way out the door and Google is even rewarding site owners for using HTTPS.  Look for the lock in the upper left corner of the URL for HTTPS.  In regards to website security there are plenty of free tools worth looking at:  There is Netsparker, OpenVAS, Xenotix, SecurityHeaders.io, Sucuri and more just to name a few.  Be sure to check them out and stay safe.


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