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Hit The Reset Button On Your Busy Life 


We have all done it.  We start some big project that’s important to our business or whoever it is we work for and it quickly becomes a non -stop endeavor.  Typically when this happens everything else falls by the wayside.  You find yourself working and responding to emails while at home, during dinner, playing with the kids etc.  You look around and realize you’ve gone the whole day and have not eaten a thing.  Crazy huh?  Yes it is.  So how do we find balance in this sometimes crazy life?

How To


Stress, at times, while you’re working is going to happen but if you don’t take steps to keep the stress in your life to a minimum it will eventually lead to your burnout.  Are you putting your relationships with friends and family on the back burner?  Are you taking care of your emotional and mental well-being as you should?  It’s been proven, workers that are happier tend to be more productive.  If need be, talk to your boss or manager.  Discuss those deadlines, the length of the project, and any possible roadblocks while you’re working on the project.  If you understand your employer’s expectations and it’s communicated well to you, you will feel in control. Be a creature of habit.  Good habits such as going to bed at a decent hour and getting up at a decent hour every day.  Don’t make checking your email the first thing you do.  Being consistent lets your body get used to a good pattern for your overall health.      Consider exercising a bit.  It’s a proven stress reducer.  Lastly, make sure you have quiet time just for yourself to decompress.  Take time to do those simple things you’ve wanted to do.  You could write a quick note to your mother or some other relative.  You could make the long overdue phone call to a friend you’ve been pushing to the back burner.

The Chain Reaction

This is near and dear to my heart because I’ve seen it so much in my life.  A man or woman becomes obsessed with “Success” or what they deem is success and they push and push the limits to get to their idea of success.  Some even call it climbing the ladder of success.  Once they finally arrive and actually take the time to look over their shoulder, most times they will find a road paved with the following; a neglected spouse or child, a marriage beyond saving, a wayward child or spouse or even regrets as they finally realize what was actually the most important.  I have yet to talk to someone on their deathbed who inquires about the office or their bank account.  Their concerns are usually always family and those they love and those who love them.  This is why balance is so important.  There is more at stake than just your success or your businesses success.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read this and have several things you can introduce into your daily grind, be sure to remind yourself that the stress in your life won’t last forever.  We all have dozens of things pulling us in a hundred different directions.  Making time for yourself during this time will help you find that balance eventually making you a better, person, employee, business owner, wife, husband etc.  Get started today before the burnout starts.   Everett Logan Marketing Systems is located in Phoenix AZ.  We can assist you with any of your marketing needs.  If you’ve ever searched for advertising businesses in Phoenix or if you’re looking for an advertising agency in Phoenix we can help. Reach out to us at 844-632-000 or email us at

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