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Want to Retire In Less Than 10 Years

What Are Your Top Reasons To Retire

What are your top ten reasons to retire? If you are in a hurry to tell your boss to, “Take this job and shove it, I ain’t working here no more” and don’t mind being thrifty in your spending it can be done.  Most of us want to retire early but aren’t willing to sacrifice. Try saving more up to or more 50% of your income and living on the rest.  I know you are all saying, “What.”  Think about it, if you could do this you could be financially free in about 7 years.  I know most of you are living paycheck to paycheck as we speak.  Sadly most of us have created so much consumer debt, we can’t even begin to think about saving half of our income.


It’s all about lifestyle choice right and yes I understand inflation and other factors play a part.  Once you make up your mind to stop spending more money you’d be amazed at what you could save.  I know people who live in motor coaches, shop at goodwill and have gardens in their yard just to save more.  Are you willing to do what you can to raise your income level, pay things off and not be frivolous anymore?  Choose your spending consciously and you won’t have to spend much of your income.  Sadly, we live in a very ego-centered world where it’s all about how much stuff we have or how much we can attain.  When you live frugally or live in a way where that 50% I spoke about goes to savings, before you know it… financial freedom.  What you need to focus on is a wealth plan, not a financial plan.  Also, the savings rate you are able to get also plays a huge part.

  1. Discipline

It takes discipline to do anything whether losing weight or saving money.  Yes, some of you who have more income could do this easily.  It’s not impossible for those of us with a wife and kids and a not so large income.  If you want to retire early it will be a bit more difficult but it is possible.  There are 3 proven ways to financial independence. 1- Real Estate 2- Business Owner  3- Saving Over 50%.  We are typically taught in society to save 10-15% of our income during our working career however; very few do this or even maintain it if they start.  It’s not because we don’t want to, it’s because something always comes up or more importantly we lack the discipline to do it.

  1. What To Remember

If you begin applying what I’m saying remember that a 10% increase in your spending will add about 3-4+ years to this process.  This is because it actually reduces how much you’re able to save while increasing your spending.  It’s as though the one cancels out the other. Be sure to plan according to what your investment situation is.  For example, if you’re looking at your rate of investment return over the short term, a high savings rate is the primary focus versus your rate of investment over the long term where inflation and other factors play a huge role. Something To Think About The truth is very few if any of us can stay motivated by the thought of having this freedom. Could you stick with it, especially for 10 years or longer to retire early?  This is why so few ever get there.  Have you heard the saying, “Insanity is the definition of doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results?”  Then do something different. Even if you can’t hit that number, still live frugally and save, save, save.





You can be financially free and retire sooner than later if you’re willing to do this.  Yes, you will have to sacrifice, live below your means, cut corners etc.  You will almost have to be obsessed with not spending money on things you really don’t need.  Only you can Identify what your personal values are and focus your spending that way.  Yes, this will be different for a family of four versus a single guy or gal however; we are all in different places in life. I will say it again, yes it can be done but you will have to sacrifice.  Imagine being in position to start looking for the best places to retire or the best states to retire to?   Everett Logan Marketing Systems is an agency located in Phoenix AZ.  We are committed to helping all people whether in business or not. 

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