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Social Media Pro’s and Con’s

Social Media Pro's And Con's


Please Be sure not to miss the last paragraph.



Today it seems almost all of us are connected in some way with Social Media. I can remember
what it was like before the social media craze ever began.


I have lived long enough to see the small amount of good and the huge amount of bad social media brings with it. Here’s some food for
thought when it comes to using it.




Social media is a great way to stay informed about what’s going on in the world. Also, businesses, can use it for increased exposure in
their marketing.


It’s a great way to reconnect with long lost friends and relatives and to keep up with what’s going on in everyone’s life.  It can also be a great distraction when
you’re bored with all the amazing images and videos to view.




There are privacy and safety concerns with so much of our information and images on the internet. 
This is especially crucial in regards to your children.  With internet sex crimes through the roof,
this is a huge concern.


Cyber –bullying is another big issue with more and more kids actually committing suicide because they can’t handle it. Imagine, with the
massive amounts of connected people on social media, imagine the bullying
impact overall on a child.


What about cyber-stalking? More and more people are following their former partners to see what they are doing or who they’re
dating and much more.  I have seen some of these acts turn criminal in nature where some partners have gone as far putting tracking devices on the vehicle of a former partner because they couldn’t handle what they were seeing on that person’s social media.


How many of us have posted, “Hey all, having fun here in Hawaii” or some other location, letting burglars and everyone else know we are
not in town? Don’t forget that smartphones images can have GPS locations embedded in them. This would allow a predator to know exactly where the picture
was taken.


How about seeing the pictures of the new boat or brand new car or fancy vacation pictures taken by some of our online friends that get us thinking we need to keep up with those people?  Is that you?


Social media is known to be a productivity killer in the work place.  Many employees are surfing the internet and liking someone’s post instead of working, costing their employers millions of dollars every day.


I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the large amount of people I see just while driving who can’t keep their eyes off of their mobile
devices. I was almost rear ended the other day by a guy whose face was locked onto his phone.


What about those negative images posted online about you that an employer happens to see or that somebody shares that reflects on you
negatively. In today’s world, more and more managers are firing employees based on things they have seen on their social media so be careful.




These last two cons are the worst in my opinion.


1.     Social Isolation Issues.


Have you ever gone out to eat and you see two couples in a restaurant sitting in a booth?  While waiting for their food, nobody is talking but each person is looking at their cell phone?  How sad.  Social media and our phones in general, have caused us to disengage from a lot of human interaction.  The saddest thing is most of us don’t even realize this is slowly leading to a state of loneliness for us. 

Kills Relationships


As a police officer, I witnessed numerous, breakups and domestic disturbances because one partner connected with an old girlfriend, boyfriend
or acquaintance and the next thing you know they were secretly hooking up.  I clearly remember two murder scenes where
one of those partners couldn’t take it anymore and killed the new boyfriend and then himself.




Most of us don’t know how to disconnect from our devices and I’m sure some of you will think that the cons I have listed, would never happen
to you. In life, when we make decisions, we usually weigh the pro’s and the con’s and go with whichever seems to be better. 
I’m not saying you should kill social media altogether but please be careful with it.  Have boundaries in place you will not cross. If married, strongly consider letting your partner have access to any of your accounts.  If you can’t do this, that is a HUGE red flag to not only your partner but should be to you as well.


We’ve personally decided to only use social media for our business because of all the dangers we associate with it.  If you truly want me to break down all of the
dangers associated with it in detail, please email me at


Remember, this is a choice you have to make for yourself but if you think about the pros versus the cons, it should be a pretty easy decision.


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