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In Today’s Internet Marketing World, What Should I do?


In Today’s Internet Marketing World, What Should I Do 


Most business owners are trying to find ways to increase the traffic to whatever product or service they are selling.  They are looking for the advantages and disadvantages while fine tuning their marketing efforts.  So, the question is where do I start?  There are so many different ways to drive traffic to a website or even to your front door.  There isn’t a one size fits all approach here.

If you conduct a Google search, you will find many different ways to drive traffic so what I did was compile a short list of what I think are the most important things you should be doing for your business.


1.  Content Creation

Quality content creation is taking the lead in how businesses are targeting their customers.  Google’s algorithms grow smarter as the years go by and where it used to be more about keyword targeting, the algorithms are now able to determine what a page is about by its complete content and not so much specific keywords on a page. Expect to see more of a focus on measuring the ROI on content marketing.


2. What Is Big Data?

In a nutshell, it is a company’s ability to measure the velocity, volume and variety of the data they are getting by the use of predictive analytics and personalizing their websites and more.  All of this information they are getting from machine learning is used to identify different customer’s behavior and specific characteristics.


3. Automation

Research has shown over the last few years that most companies are still not utilizing the benefits of marketing automation.  Some companies are using automation but not all of its features that are available to them while others are using the majority of the features but not using them for optimization.  Included in the automation process is social media as well.


4. Mobile

Although mobile use is increasing in crazy numbers, business owners are still not seeing the conversion rates through mobile that they see elsewhere.  What this indicates is a more focused effort on mobile sales and discovering ways to increase the conversions.  The difficult thing is deciding how much emphasis to put on mobile since there are still lots of people using tablets and desktops.  The thought today from the leading experts in this field suggests we should use our mobile focus as just another part of our overall marketing strategy.


5. Social Media & Customer Caring

Social media research has shown that the overall growth in this platform is still growing but some of the dynamics are changing.  Social is a great way to target large amounts of people due to its broad user base and audience reaching ability.  The sad thing is most of the larger companies are changing the game by taking what once used to be free and turning it into a pay to play to be impactful.  Remember with social media, the trends tend to be connected to and controlled by the social networks bottom line.


6. Data Sharing 


If you’ve never heard the term “Internet of things” or IoT look out.  This technology is changing the game where more and more devices are able to talk to one another. Data sharing will change how we live our lives and it’s only going to keep increasing.  This will be very impactful for retailers and the actual device makers and something to keep in mind and consider.


7. SEO, PPC and more 

Optimizing your website for the search engines is still very relevant today.  Every business owner should want to not only rank for his or her business name but rank on or near the first page of any SERP.  Pay Per Click is still be a viable way to get first page traffic but at a cost. You must also familiarize yourself with the platform and everything that goes along with it.  Some have considered outsourcing this to a marketing company that can manage your campaigns and make suggestions to you.  Mobile marketing SEO strategies will continue to increase in 2017 and beyond and Google has implemented additional mobile features to make their mobile PPC more user friendly.


These are some of the most important things you should consider and focus on moving forward in your business. 


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